How to complete Heist Battleground: Moon in Destiny 2

Be swift, Guardians.

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The Heist Battleground will be your primary way to work through Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph rewards, and where you will redeem your Seraph Keycards to unlock chests when you want more loot. The first week of the Season features a battleground on the Moon. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Heist Battleground: Moon in Destiny 2.

All Heist Battleground: Moon steps in Destiny 2

You can start the Heist Battleground: Moon activity once you’ve completed the first mission in the Season of the Seraph and you’ve received your seasonal artifact from the Clovis Exo. Make your way over to the Destination pages in your Director, go to the Moon, and click on the icon on the bottom left. This is an activity that requires three players to complete.

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When you arrive, your primary goal will be to clear out the waves of Hive that gathered outside of the Warsat’s bunker and destroy the Cryptoliths. A turret is attempting to protect the facility, but it does not recognize a friend from foe and is firing at everyone. While you are working to clear out the Hive, the turret attempts to lock onto you and your allies. You will need to use cover to avoid being shot by it. Eventually, there is a specific Hive you need to eliminate, the Deathtongue, that you will need to remove from the field.

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Next, when the hatch has happened to the Seraph bunker, your Ghost will need to hack into the next room so Ana can access the controls, and you will need to protect it while this happens. Once the timer hits 100%, you can move on to the next phase. You can increase the hacking progress by removing the Captains that appear and preventing your Ghost from being interrupted.

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When your Ghost has finished hacking the terminal, the doors behind the console will open up, and you will need to crouch through to the next area. Follow the pathway through the vents, and you’ll end up in a long corridor area where you will need to acquire nodes to open the door to the final room. Hive Seals protect the entrance. The nodes will be highlighted on your map with waypoints, and you will want to complete this section before time runs out.

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The final area will consist of a boss fight against an elite Scorn attempting to copy the files from the network and bring them to the Witness. Your primary focus will be to defeat his Scorn, but when you get halfway to its health, a shield will go around it, protecting it. Several Captains will appear in the room with waypoints above their heads, and you’ll need to eliminate them to acquire charges. Bring these charges to the front of the room where you initially arrived and dunk them into the battery.

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Once you and your teammates have done this five times, you can take down the boss and proceed to acquire your loot at the end of the event.