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How to complete In Service of Asgard in God of War Ragnarok

Mine your own business.

God of War Ragnarok features many sidequests, and In Service of Asgard is one of the first you can opt to pursue. Sidequests are called Favours in Ragnarok, and all of them will grant you various rewards and experience points. Some sidequests are even required to unlock secret missions. This guide will explain how to complete In Service of Asgard in God of War Ragnarok.

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In Service of Asgard quest steps

After reaching the town of Nidavellir in Svartalfheim, you will learn of a character named Durin and receive the In Service of Asgard sidequest. To complete this quest, you must reach and dismantle three different rigs scattered around the Bay of Bounty location.

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Modvitnir’s Rig

The first mining rig you will run into before reaching the Watchtower. Hop on the beach and begin your ascent up the first mining rig of this quest. Follow the path and climb toward the rig until you reach a clearing with a large gap. Aim the Leviathan Axe at the crane in the distance and rotate it until the grappling point is within reach.

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Grapple across, then rotate the crane until the grapple point can help you reach the next available platform. Climb the chain, fight off the enemies and destroy the first mining rig.

Radsvinn’s Rig

Screenshot by Gamepur

This rig can be accessed via the Watchtower dock. Once you land, run past Sindri and head toward the blue objective marker. After climbing a pair of ledges, you’ll be at the second mining rig.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A pack of Grim will be awaiting you. Dispatch these enemies, and head to the furnace to deactivate your first mining rig. Head back to the boat so you can reach the final mining rig.

Althjof’s Rig

Screenshot by Gamepur

The third and final destination is Althjof’s Rig, deep in the Bay of Bounty. This rig requires more work to shut down compared to the previous one. When you reach this area, climb up the chain to the clearing above. Ignore the lever wheel before you and move to the large central block. Use the Flame Latch to pull this block down.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After doing this, return to the lever and use it to pull the grappling point down one level, as pictured below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Leap across the blocks and grapple to the far end. Use the blades to detonate the explosive barrel and destroy the wall. Enter the subsequent clearing and grapple up the ledge to your left. Walk around the platform and knock down the chain shortcut before you open the locked gate. Open the gate, drop down and detonate the barrel to destroy both walls.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you destroy both walls. Walk through the left gate and climb up the walls. Shimmy along until you can climb up to the ledge above. Use the bottom prompt and smash through the cracked floor below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After you land, clear out the pair of Draugr that await you. Then use Flame Latch to lift the central block.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Return to the first lever using the gates you destroyed earlier and raise the grapple point as high as it gets, then use the chain shortcut you opened earlier to climb up the wall near the lever. Walk to the central block and jump and grapple across the gaps. Climb the wall on the opposite end.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The mining rig engine will be yours to shut down once you defeat the enemy ambush that awaits. After destroying all three mining rigs, you can return to Sindri to complete the In Service of Asgard quest.

Each mine you shut down gets you a rare ore that Sindri or Brok can use to craft you the robust Nidavellir’s Finest armor set. It features excellent health and strength boosts and will carry you well into the second act of the campaign.

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