How to complete It Towers Above Us in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

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It Towers Above Us is the second Milestone in the third Phase of No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence. To complete it, you’ll need to get to a Titan Worm Burrow on the third cursed world in this Expedition. This guide covers how you do that and offers information about when you should do it along your journey.

How to complete It Towers Above Us

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By the time you’re tackling this Milestone, you’ll have made your way to at least two other Titan Worm Burrows along the way. All you need to do is repeat the process you followed before. Open your scanner and switch to the analysis visor. Follow the indicators until you see a Titan Worm Burrow, then mark it. Finally, make your way over to the Titan Worm Burrow. The Milestone will complete when you get close enough to the location. By completing this Milestone, you can claim the Wormskin Folio: 3, Nautilon Chamber Plans, and Efficient Water Jet Plans from the Expedition Menu.

When to complete It Towers Above Us

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You should only try to complete this Milestone once you’re on the third cursed planet. If you’re still on the second cursed planet and have Milestones to complete there, progress through them before tackling this one. You may also want to consider collecting all the Whispering Eggs you can before moving onto this Milestone since it will take you away from the Rendezvous Point on this planet. However, there are two more Rendezvous Points to go, and you can gather Whispering Eggs at both.