How to complete Lift Off in No Man’s Sky Expedition 2: Beachhead Normandy

Fix your ship up.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Lift Off is the second Milestone in No Man’s Sky Expedition 2: Beachhead/Normandy. To complete it, you need to fix up your ship, get it off the ground, and fly into space. This objective is easier said than done, particularly in an unfamiliar world. This guide explains how to complete Lift Off and get you into space as soon as possible. 

Step 1: Repair the launch thruster

Screenshot by Gamepur

To fix your ship, you need to repair the launch thruster. This requires one Di-hydrogen Jelly and 50 Pure Ferrite. You can craft Di-hydrogen Jelly using Di-hydrogen, which is found on most worlds in a blue crystal form. In our world, there were minerals that we could mine for both Pure Ferrite and Di-hydrogen, so we didn’t have to look far. If you don’t have something similar, you can refine Pure Ferrite by putting Ferrite Dust through the Portable Refiner.

Step 2: Repair the pulse engine

Screenshot by Gamepur

The pulse engine is also broken, and you need one Metal Plating and one Hermetic Seal to fix it. Metal Plating can be crafted from 50 Ferrite Dust. However, you need 30 Condensed Carbon to craft one Hermetic Seal. You can refine Condensed Carbon by putting Carbon through the Portable Refiner. We had to use the mining beam on plants around our world’s surface because nothing else provided us with Carbon.

Once you’ve repaired both parts, jump into your ship, take off, and fly up into space. Lift Off will be complete as soon as you’re out of the atmosphere, and you can then claim two Storage Augmentations and 300 Nanites from the Expedition menu.