How to complete Lungs of Sand in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

Don’t let them bite you.


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Lungs of Sand is the second Milestone in Phase four of No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence. To complete it, you’ll need to visit another Titan Worm Burrow, this time on the planet where the fourth Rendezvous Point is located. This guide explains how to complete the Milestone and what you’ll get as a reward for doing so.

Follow the Sandworms

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Once you’ve landed on the planet with the fourth Rendezvous Point, bring up your Tactical Visor and identify where the closest Titan Worm Burrow is. When your Tactical Visor has locked onto it, you can tag it so you’ll see it without the visor. Then, follow the icon on your compass to reach the Titan Worm Burrow, but be ready for a fight as you were with the last three.

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The Titan Worm Burrow will be surrounded by giant worms that you need to kill. Use your Scattershot or mining laser to kill these enemies and destroy the Titan Worm Burrow. You’ll need to move closer to the Titan Worm Burrow’s original location to complete the Milestone. When it’s completed, you can claim Wormskin Folio: 4 and a Divergence Cube from the Expedition menu.