How to complete My Way Challenge in BitLife

The best revenge is massive success.

The weekend has arrived, and with it, a new challenge for you to complete in BitLife. Similar to the previous challenges, you’ll only have a few days to complete it before it’s unavailable. This weekend’s challenge is the My Way Challenge.

These are all of the tasks you need to complete the My Way Challenge in BitLife.

  • Be born a male in New Jersey
  • Become a famous solo artist
  • Join the Italian Mafia
  • Acquire $1 million+ in lifetime casino earnings
  • Have 2+ albums hit double platinum or higher

For the first task, you’ll need to make sure you create a male character and that they’re born in the United States and New Jersey. After that, you’ll likely need to create a new customized character before continuing towards the rest of the challenges.

Your next task is to become a famous solo artist. The best way to do this is at a young age is to work on your instruments and musical talent. Before you’re 18, your parents will only let you practice one instrument, and of the options, we highly recommend working on your vocal skills, so choose to utilize your singing talents. Try to maximize your vocal talents before you reach 18, and make it out on your own. You can do this by practicing at least once a year and potentially more.

To help you later in this challenge, make sure to commit some crimes before you reach 18, such as shoplifting, stealing, or anything else that does not involve committing the murder crime. This way, you can earn a reputation with the Italian Mafia. On the other hand, if you do it after you’re 18, there’s a chance you could go to jail.

When you reach age 18, you’ll have a chance to become a solo artist. You can do this by going to the Occupation tab and choosing Special Careers. You want to become a musician and get signed as a solo artist. It all comes down to appealing to your record dealer, but if you have full vocals skills or any other instrument skills you’re working on, you should be signed to become a solo artist. To become a famous solo artist, you’ll need to work on and sell a handful of albums and singles to increase your fame. You can naturally do this over time as you work on your solo artist career.

Eventually, you’ll need to try joining the Italian Mob. Like the solo artist career, you’ll need to go to the Special Careers tab and head to Organized Crime. The Italian Mob, simply known as the Mafia, will be the ones you need to try joining. If you’ve already committed a few bits of crime and have earned a reputation, you should be able to join them. Once you’re invited to the family, things become a bit more complicated.

The next step is to earn over $1 million in Casino earnings. You can play at a Casino in the Activities tab, underneath the Casino. When you arrive, you’ll need to start betting on blackjack, which means you need to try getting as close to 21 as possible without going over and beating the dealer. The fundamental goal of this game is knowing when to tap out. So long as your albums and singles have been doing well, you should be able to close the deal, but getting over $1 million will take quite a bit of time. This task is all about patience.

The final task is to have two of your albums hit double platinum or better. This will happen when over 2 million people listen to the album, which you can do set early on in your career. When creating an album, we recommend making it the Rap or Pop genre to give it the best chance of being extremely popular. These sell the most and have the best chance of having a massive crowd over time. Similar to earning $1 million at the Casino, this can take a bit of patience, and it also means keeping up with your Solo Artist career.

After completing all of these tasks, you’ll earn a random appearance item for your profile.