How to complete Olaf Presents… “Dreamlight Valley” in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The show must go on.

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There are plenty of quests to complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley, with all of the residents having their own quest lines for you to progress through. Olaf has been requesting your aid to help craft a play so that he can entertain the other residents of the valley. The show is almost ready but you are missing the most important part – the props. Help Olaf craft some props and get everyone prepared for the show of a lifetime. This guide will show you how to complete Olaf Presents… “Dreamlight Valley” in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Olaf Presents… “Dreamlight Valley” walkthrough in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Olaf Presents… “Dreamlight Valley” is Olaf’s final friendship quest that becomes available after you have completed all of his previous quests as well as raised his Friendship Level to 10. Once this has been done, talk to Olaf and he will tell you that he is almost ready to get the play going. You are only missing a few more things. First, you need to get the set ready. Start by gathering the following items:

  • 12 Dry Wood
  • 4 Green Passion Lilies
  • 2 White Impatiens
  • 2 Orange Marsh Milkweeds
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Dry Wood can be found in the Sunlit Plateau and the Forgotten Lands. Passion Lilies can be found in Frosted Heights. White Impatiens can be found in the Forgotten Lands. Finally, Orange Marsh Milkweed can be found in the Glade of Trust. Once you have all the required items, craft the cutouts for the set at a crafting station.

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Bring the cutouts to Olaf and he will tell you to check on Anna to see how the Donald Duck Mask is coming along. Talk to Anna and she will give you a list of items that are needed to make the mask. You will need the following items:

  • 15 Fiber
  • 6 Softwood
  • 3 Fabric
  • 4 Donald’s Feathers

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Softwood can be found in the Plaza and the Peaceful Meadow. Fiber is made using Seaweed which can be fished from the various bodies of water around the valley. Fabric is made from Cotton which can be grown from seeds purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Sunlit Plateau. Finally, Donald’s Feathers can be found inside his home. Once you have all the items, bring them to Anna. Anna will craft the mask but it won’t fit. Bring the mask to Olaf.

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With nobody else able to play the role, it is up to you to put on the Donald Duck Mask and assume the role. Talk to Olaf with the mask on to rehearse your lines. After your rehearsal, Olaf will give you the stage. Place the stage wherever you want in the Frosted Heights and take a photo of everyone around the stage. Talk to Olaf afterward to complete the quest.