How to complete Planetside in No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar

Get your feet on some solid ground.


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Planetside is the third Milestone in the first Phase of No Man’s Sky Expedition 8: Polestar. To complete it, you need to get to a planet and set foot on its surface. Easier said than done when you start this Expedition in a Freighter instead of next to a crashed starship. This guide explains how to complete Planetside, so you know how to get some much-needed mobility fast.

How to complete Planetside

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To complete Planetside, you need to make your way down to your Freighter’s hangar. You should be able to see your starship there. Be warned that if you follow the ship icon on your compass, you may end up on top of your Freighter, walking across its hull instead of tracking it to your hangar. Don’t worry if the ship is on fire, this is a glitch in No Man’s Sky that seems to be caused by the fact that you always start a new save file in the game with a crashed ship.

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However, in Expedition 8: Polestar, the ship is in perfect condition. All the systems will be operational, allowing you to fly perfectly. This means that you can get in, fly out of your Freighter, set your Pulse Engine to fly to the nearest planet, land, and get out. As soon as you set foot on that planet, you’ll complete Planetside and should see an on-screen indicator for it.

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Once the Milestone has been completed, you can claim Refiner Room Plans, 210 Oxygen, a Banned Hazard Protection Upgrade, and a Powerful Mining Beam Upgrade from the Expedition menu. These are essential for completing the All Hands on Deck Milestone in Phase one of the Expedition. As a result, we recommend quickly completing Planetside so you can return to your Freighter and get on with completing even more Milestones.