How to complete Something Sentimental in Fallout 76

Get sentimental with Earle Williams in the Colossal Problem event.


Image via Bethesda

Something Sentimental is a quest in Fallout 76 that connects to the Colossal Problem Event where you kill the Wendigo Colossus known as Earle Williams. You might have noticed the quest marker that appears when you enter Monongah Mine to fight Earle for the first time. It simply tells you to take a look around. Not much to go off of. Here is how to complete that quest.

Something Sentimental

Something Sentimental is a quest that is given to you by Maggie Williams. You can find her at Foundation before completing the Colossal Problem event. Alternatively, you can also complete the Colossal Problem event before meeting her. If you do this, you will get a holotape titled ‘A Father’s Goodbye’ that will also lead to her. Once you speak to her, the quest will begin.

After speaking to Maggie, the quest becomes clear. She mentions that a powerful enough explosion could open up Monongah Mine so you can search for Earle. The powerful explosion needed isn’t the grenades you’ve probably been lugging around. Instead, you will need to complete the challenge of launching a nuke that will hit Monongah Mine. This will open it up and initiate the Colossal Problem event.

Complete the Colossal Problem event. We recommend having a team for this since it can get pretty difficult dealing with all the Wendigos on your own. After the event is finished and you have killed Earle Williams, you will find a pocket watch on his corpse. Take the pocket watch back to Maggie to complete the quest.

There are three outcomes that you can get from completing the quest. If you choose to lie about the pocket watch, you will get to keep the item. If you tell her that only the pocket watch was there, you will get 60 Caps and 300 experience. The same occurs if you tell Maggie the truth about her father’s mutation.