How to Complete the Art Critic Feat in Hitman: Sniper Assassin

Hitman: Sniper Assassin is a free extension to the upcoming Hitman 2 title that is available for anyone who pre-orders. Its focus is on the assassination of three targets in a specific area and, as a first for the series, it can be played in co-op with a friend. There are a total of 14 feats which will help you increase your score when unlocked. Some of them explain what you need to do, while others are redacted. This guide will show you how to complete the Art Critic feat.

The Art Critic Feat

How to Complete the Art Critic Feat in Hitman: Sniper Assassin
Art Critic FeatTL;DR Games • Fair Use

In order to complete the Art Critic feat, you will have to have a little bit of patience. The first thing you’ll need to do is spot the art gallery room. It’s on the left side of the building on the middle floor. You’ll see a large painting displayed just behind a double-pane door. That’s your target, but don’t shoot it just yet.

Locate the art critic himself. This is a gentleman wearing a tuxedo and white gloves. He’s the only character walking around with white gloves, so that’s your clue. Eventually, he will make his way to standing in front of the painting you located earlier. When he does, shoot the painting. The art critic will have a minor meltdown and go on a bit of a lengthy trip to replace the painting you’ve destroyed.

How to Complete the Art Critic Feat in Hitman: Sniper Assassin
White GlovesTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Once he’s replaced the painting, continue your mission to drive him crazy by yet again destroying it. That will unlock the Art Critic feat and you’ll get to enjoy some fun commentary along the way.

That’s all you have to do to complete the Art Critic feat. Once it’s unlocked, you won’t have to do it again, though you certainly may, if you’re bored. The additional 1.05 score multiplier will apply to all future attempts at this particular mission. For more guides on how to complete other redacted feats in Hitman: Sniper Assassin, check out the related posts in the sidebar.