How to complete the Black Panther Challenge in BitLife

Wakanda forever.

Image via Candywriter

For Marvel fans playing BitLife, it’s time to live your life as the King of Wakanda with this new challenge. You have the rest of the weekend and until early next week to finish it. Here are the requirements.

  • Start a second generation life
  • Be born a male in Kenya
  • Earn the top belt in every martial art
  • Become an African Leader
  • Become the mayor of Wakanda (iOS users)

For this one, rather than starting a brand new life, the challenge starts when your first character has children, and one of those children is male. To do this, you’re better off having your main character start in Kenya, and live there, so you can ensure your child is born in Kenya, meeting the requirements of the first and second challenge, so long as that child is male.

After that, your child will need to learn every martial art that is available in the game. To learn a fighting style, go to the activities page, and go to the mind & body category. There will be a martial arts tab, and you can have them learn every martial arts. You likely can do it when they’re little, but when you take them over, you can have them work through the ranks of each style. All you have to do to earn a black belt is to practice it over and over again. You can complete it all within a single year, so there’s no need to space it out.

The final requirement is to become an African leader. Unfortunately, Kenya does not have any royalty options, but you can have your second character work their way up through the political hierarchy to earn their place as a powerful leader. You’ll need for them to learn politics, and focus on that throughout their life. They’ll want to have high looks and smarts.

For iOS users, you have a requirement that is not become an African Leader, but to become the mayor of Wakanda. To do this, all you need to do is become a mayor of a town, and you have the choice to change the name of it to Wakanda. There’s no actual town named that, so there’s no push to find a particular city and govern it.