How to complete the Brangelina Challenge in BitLife

A new challenge has arrived.

Image via Candywriter.

A new challenge is available in BitLife called the Brangelina challenge. Pack your bags and prepare to move to Hollywood because it’s a challenge where you have to follow the steps of Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie, the famous movie star couple who adopted several children.

Here are the requirements:

  • Live in Los Angeles
  • Become a famous movie star
  • Build a networth of $200 million
  • Adopt 3 Children

The first part of this challenge forces you to move your character to Los Angeles, California, or you can choose to start a new life there. It’s an easy enough requirement. The real challenge is becoming a famous movie star. The movie business is not an easy one.

To become a famous movie star you want to find a career in the film business. Look for a gig that says film studio profession. Once there, you want to work hard as often as possible and make sure to keep your looks stat up as high as possible. This means avoiding fights with other people, working out every day, changing your diet, and going to the barber to clean yourself up. The film studio career does not require any prior education, so you don’t need to think about having to go to collect for a degree. The entry-level gig for this career path is becoming a voice actor.

It’s important to achieve fame, so try to increase your overall character’s notoriety as often as possible through social media and other outlets. Social media is likely the easiest one and something you can start doing when they’re 14 years old.

To achieve a net worth of $200 million, it’s all about using your money wisely and purchasing some of the nicer homes available to you. A high-quality home will steadily rise in worth, increasing your net worth every year, and if you buy several of them, you should be able to acquire a massive wealth to your character.

The final requirement is to adopt three children. You can adopt kids by applying for the adoption option underneath the activities section. The agency may reject you depending on your age, wealth, or the fact you don’t have a home. Because they can reject you for a variety of reasons, it’s good to take care of this objective once you have a decent amount of money, your character is older, and you have plenty of resources available to take care of a kid. It doesn’t hurt to have a spouse, too.