How to complete The Complete Fauna in No Man’s Sky Expedition Three: Cartographers

Scan everything.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Complete Fauna is the fourth Milestone in the third phase of No Man’s Sky Expedition Three: Cartographers. To complete it, you need to scan every creature on the planet, but that’s far from an easy task. This guide offers some tips on how to complete this Milestone without losing your mind.

Scan as you explore

While you’re out on the planet completing other Milestones, make sure you’re constantly looking for Fauna to scan. Most of it will appear around your spawn location, so it makes sense to build a base there and stay near the area so that you can eventually scan all the life around you. It’s always worth keeping an eye out if you’re further afield because there could be one stray creature that will complete the Milestone for you.

Scan underwater

Screenshot by Gamepur

We thought we’d scanned all ten of the creatures on this planet on the surface, but two still evaded our scanner. We found them underwater. These creatures are rare. One is a crab-like creature that scuttles in the shallows and out into the deep cracks in large bodies of water. The other is a tiny creature that you probably won’t see from a distance. When swimming, use your scanner to direct your movement because it will help you capture all the life you miss by swimming without it. Once you’ve completed the Milestone, you can claim 15 Salvaged Data and 25 Creature Pellets as a reward.

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