How to complete The Crystal Line’s Call side quest in Final Fantasy XIV

Brave new PvP.

Image via Square Enix

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Newfound Adventure patch brings with it an entire revamp to PvP. Upon entering a PvP match or area, players will notice that job abilities for PvP have been completely redone. With this, a brand new match has also been introduced called Crystalline Conflict, a mode that sees teams race to earn victory by pushing a crystal to one side of the map. Unlocking this new mode will require the character to complete The Crystal Line’s Call side quest.

The Crystal Line’s Call side quest can be acquired at the Wolves’ Den Pier in La Noscea. In order to participate in PvP and access the Wolves’ Den Pier, characters must complete the quest A Pup No Longer. This quest has you go to the pier and talk to an NPC to be introduced to PvP. This will then allow the player to also pick up The Crystal Line’s Call side quest.

This quest is actually extremely simple to finish. Upon talking to Gungi Zelungi in The Wolves’ Den, the player will be greeted with a short cutscene to show off the Crystalline Conflict maps and what to expect while competing in the game. Watching this cutscene will grant access to the new PvP content and complete the quest. Crystalline Conflict is a super fast and fun competition similar to escorting the payload in Overwatch. It comes with unique seasonal rewards and achievements, and is a welcome addition to Final Fantasy XIV’s PvP content.