How to complete the decrypt the signal beneath the snowbank encrypted Cipher quest in Fortnite

Find the hidden tunnel in the map’s snowy region.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fortnite Cipher quests can be quite complicated, especially considering some are only listed as a series of numbers. This includes the challenge that just goes by the following: Luckily, it does hint to players that a signal must be decrypted beneath a snowbank, and this is just enough information to figure out how to complete this Cipher quest.

How to complete the Cipher quest in Fortnite

Thanks to a proven formula that solves for what these quest numbers mean, it turns out that the “” code actually translates to Lonely Labs. This means that players must go inside of a snowbank within the named location, though a secret path must be found in order to do so. That said, you can begin the challenge by going inside the crate that touches the pile of snow at the center of Lonely Labs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As shown above, the snowbank is in between Lonely Labs’ tall data tower and bike garage, while part of the crate is inside the bank. Once you enter the crate, you can follow its path down to a basement with four sets of computers. Thus, in order to complete this encrypted Cipher quest, you will simply need to interact with one of the computers to decrypt the signal and earn its 10,000 XP reward.

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Although its XP reward likely will not level players up, those who complete the challenge will get closer to unlocking the incredibly colorful Circuitry weapon Wrap. The cosmetic requires that players finish a total of three encrypted Cipher quests, so be sure to login in later on in the event once more of these challenges appear. Aside from the Circuitry, the Cipher event also rewards four other cosmetics, with most being earned through doing unencrypted quests.