How to complete the Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife

Turn on your friends in the Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife.

The weekend has arrived, and with it, a new challenge for you to complete in BitLife. You only have a few days to complete this Challenge, so you’ll need to act fast to finish all requirements before time runs out. This week it’s the FrieChallenge Challenge. In this guide, we’re going to share with you how to completChallengeend to Foe Challenge.

These are all of the tasks you’ll need to do if you want to complete the Friend to Foe Challenge.

  • Kill 6+ best friends

All you have to do for this challenge is to kill six of your best friends. To complete this challenge, you’ll need to acquire six best friends. The quickest way to do this is to have friends at a younger age and consistently spend time with them during your childhood. You want to make sure to spend time with them every year, and you never neglect them.

You can increase their relationship with you by presenting them items you purchase for them. It’s an excellent way to make best friends if you’re doing this with an older character.

Once you have your six best friends, go to the Activities tab, and scroll down to Crime. You’ll have the option to kill any person in your direct relationships. It’s dangerous to kill anyone in BitLife because you risk being caught by the cops. You’ll want to make sure you use poison or try to hire a Hitman. However, the Hitman also has the chance just to take the money and go, or they may turn out to be a cop. You’ll want to go with a murder method that is not too obvious that it was you and make sure it’s indirect.

After you’ve killed your six best friends, you’ll have completed the Friend To Foe Challenge. You’ll then receive a random appearance item for your BitLife account.