How to complete the Goodfellas Challenge in BitLife

Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.

Image via Candywriters

Work for the mob is not a glamorous lifestyle. You’ll have to lie, cheat, steal, and potentially eliminate certain individuals to make your way to the top of the ladder, and there’s plenty of drama along the way. It’s no different in BitLife, and this weekend, the Goodfellas Challenge is going to put your knowledge about the Mafia to the test as you have to work for them, rise through the ranks, and then rat out on them to the police.

These are all of the tasks for the Goodfellas Challenge.

  • Be born a male in New York
  • Join the Italian mafia
  • Make it to underboss
  • Whack 5+ mobsters
  • Enter the witness protection program

The first task is to create a character that is a male from New York. We recommend creating a new character to complete this challenge unless your current one is a male from New York. However, even then, it’s better to start the Goodfellas Challenge fresh because of all of the crime you’re going to need to do to complete it.

The next big task is for your character to join the Italian mafia. You’ll only be able to do that after you’ve gained enough notoriety by completing crimes, causing trouble, and potentially murdering people to increase your overall crime ranking. We highly recommend eliminating characters, robbing banks and homes to cause the most trouble. Eliminating NPCs in BitLife seems to be the quickest way to do this, along with going to jail and completing a sentence.

Once you’re in the mafia, your next task is to become the underboss. The process of your character becoming the underboss is not an easy way. The best way you can do this is to ignore the other mafia members in your family and solely focus on crimes. If you focus too much on trying to be friendly or wanting to work with the other members, they’re going to become suspicious of you and not trust you. Low-ranking mafia members are not friendly with each other, especially with new members. Ignore them entirely until they come to you, wanting to become friendly with your character. Eventually, you’ll gain the head of the mafia’s trust, and he’ll promote you.

After you’ve reached the underboss status, you now need to turn on your family and become a snitch. You can do this from the mafia screen, close to the bottom of the menu. When you choose to do this, you’ll work with the police to create a case against your mafia family. We highly recommend becoming a snitch when almost all family members have a high relationship with your character. The higher relationship they have, the more likely they are to give you incriminating evidence, making it easier to create your case. Within a certain amount of time, the case will be created, and you’ll have successfully worked with the police to arrest key members of your mafia family.

You then need to whack five mobsters. You can do this by attempting to go after them within your own family, so you’ll need to choose to accuse them of being rats, or just straight up kill them. If you do, there’s a risk the family could find out, so you need to cover your tracks.

Only after the case has been created against the mafia family and you successfully worked with the police can you complete the final task to enter the witness protection program. If you’re a snitch and you fail to deliver enough evidence against your mafia family, the police will send you straight to jail. While in the witness protection program, your character will receive a new name, a new life, and they’ll be at a different location. There is the chance of members of the mafia family finding you after everything blows over, unfortunately.

Upon completing the final task for this challenge, you’ll receive an appearance item for your character to wear, and you can use it on any character you create on your BitLife account.