How to complete the Grasp of Avarice entry encounter

Enter the cave.

Image via Bungie

The Grasp of Avarice Dungeon is finally available in Destiny 2 to players who own the 30th Anniversary pack. Within the dungeon, classic Bungie-inspired loot from both the Destiny universe and past franchised is available for you to earn, if you’re brave enough. It all starts at a very familiar location to Destiny veterans, the fabled loot cave.

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Charge the crystal

Image via Bungie

The Burdened by Riches debuff and charging the crystal mechanic will be a reoccurring theme for the entire dungeon, so it’s introduced to you right off the bat. To actually enter the dungeon, you will need to kill the substantial amount of enemies that exit through the loot cave entrance. Upon killing them, you will notice that yellow and red engrams will drop on the ground.

Don’t be deceived though guardian, as these engrams are far from loot. Picking up one of these engrams will give you a single stack of Burdened by Riches, a debuff that you will collect throughout. There is no limit to how much Burdened by Riches you can hold, but be sure to not let the 30-second timer run out as you will be instakilled if it does. Don’t worry though, picking up another stack of Burdened by Riches will refresh this timer.

When you have collected enough, stand by the crystal at the back of the loot cave. If you’re close enough, you will notice the crystal consuming stacks of Burdened by Riches. Once the crystal has consumed enough, the floor will begin to shatter below you and you will finally enter the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.