How to complete the Motorhead Challenge in BitLife

Hand me a wrench.

The final weekend in May 2021 has arrived and with it, the Motorhead Challenge. BitLife has been through an interesting time in 2021. With the code merge officially complete, Android and iPhone users now have all of the same updates, and now, we can only expect more information to release regarding the future of the game. For this weekend, the current challenge available is called the Motorhead Challenge.

Here are all of the tasks you need to do to complete the Motorhead Challenge.

  • Become a mechanic
  • Have 5+ cars in perfect condition
  • Perform routine maintenance on your cars 30+ times
  • Perform 10+ repairs on your cars
  • Have a 30+ year old car

This challenge is all about having a variety of cars and taking care of them. The first challenge is to become a mechanic. It’s a profession you can start immediately after you leave high school. You do not need to have any formal education or training for it, so if you find it in the occupations section, accept it, and that’ll be the first part of the challenge.

Next, you need to have more than five cars in your possession that are in perfect condition. You can read about the condition of your car by going to the assets section to view its condition. For a perfect condition car, you need to bar below it to be full. We highly recommend merely purchasing 5 vehicles from the assets page and adding them to your stock. Doing this all at the same time will be the best way to finish this task.

After that, you’ll need to perform routine maintenance on your cars 30 times. You can do this once a year with every vehicle, and it’ll cost a certain price each time. You can do this from the assets page when examining a vehicle and clicking to give it maintenance. Because you can do it once a year, the more vehicles you’re taking care of, the more chances you have to complete it. At most, it’ll take 30 years to do this.

Every so often, your cars will need repairs. A vehicle can only be repaired if there is something wrong with it, so the longer you have cars, the higher your chances of something happening to it, forcing you to give it repairs. We recommend not scraping or getting rid of your older vehicles to make sure you meet this criteria.

The final challenge is to have a car for 30 years. This can only count if the vehicle can still drive. To make sure the vehicle continues to work, make sure to perform maintenance on it once a year, and you repair any problems it has as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve completed all of those tasks, you’ll have finished the challenge, and you’ll be able to pick out your appearance item for your BitLife account.