All NPCs that can be hired in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Give your opponents double the trouble.

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One of the elements in Fortnite that remains in Chapter 3 Season 3 is that there is a collection of NPCs that can be hired as teammates. This ability can even be done in all of the Battle Royale modes and players won’t need to sacrifice much to convince an NPC to join them. Better yet, there is almost double the amount of hirable characters compared to last season, meaning you’ll likely see several opponents using this to their advantage. To ensure you level the playing field, here are the locations of every NPC that can be hired in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

Before journeying to one of these NPCs, you will need to have at least 100 Gold to hire a character as a teammate. This is a relatively low amount and can be made in just minutes by either collecting bounties or opening chests. Once hired, you can expect the NPC to help gather materials and aid in any gunfights you get into at close range. Although this certainly gives you a major leg up, it is important to note each hirable character comes with just 100 Health and 400 Shield, so they may not last you the entire match.

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Every hirable character in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

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  • 1. Fishstick: This NPC can be found on the first floor of the Sticks restaurant within Sleepy Sound.
  • 2. Haven: On the east side of Loot Lake, Haven walks around a group of graffiti-covered crates.
  • 3. Cuddlepool: Cuddlepool is located on the front porch of a log cabin that is west of Reality Falls. However, the NPC will only spawn in if Quackling doesn’t.
  • 4. Quackling: Similar to Cuddlepool, Quackling can also be discovered at the log cabin that is west of Reality Falls and will only spawn if Cuddlepool doesn’t appear nearby.
  • 5. Mullet Marauder: Mullet Marauder can be found walking around the center of The Joneses. The character will only spawn in if Bunker Jonesy doesn’t.
  • 6. Jonesy The First: The one and only Jonesy The First is located inside of a blue, metal building at the center of The Joneses. Like Marauder, he will not appear if Bunker Jonesy is also at The Joneses.
  • 7. Bunker Jonesy: Bunker Jonesy can typically be found at the south side of The Joneses. If the character does not spawn in, Mullet Marauder, Jonesy The First, and Ludwig should be nearby.
  • 8. Ludwig: This Jones member walks along the east side of The Joneses. He will not appear on the map if Bunker Jonesy spawns in.
  • 9. Stash’d: Players can always find Stash’d inside of the garage on the north side of Chonker’s Speedway.

Aside from their gun skills, players can also purchase valuable loot from these NPCs. This includes Exotic weapons, as guns like the bombastic Dub shotgun can be bought from Jonesy The First, Mullet Marauder, or Ludwig for 600 Gold. Unfortunately, there are no NPCs that sell Mythic-rarity gear, but players can obtain Reality Seeds near Cuddlepool and Reality Falls in order to grab these powerful guns.