How to complete the Operation Paper Trail – Extraction mission in GTA Online

Get her out of there.

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During Grand Theft Auto Online’s long life, many new missions and jobs have been added to the game, allowing you to get rich through criminal exploits. In the new Criminal Enterprises update, a set of new jobs have been added to help you collect some cash quickly. In the ULP – Extraction mission, you will be sent to get an agent whose cover was blown out of a tough situation. Here is how to complete the Operation Paper Trail – Extraction mission in GTA Online.

How to complete ULP – Extraction in Grand Theft Auto Online

When you start the Extraction mission, you and your team need to first head to Agent Johnson’s Garage. It doesn’t matter what cars you take; you will all be entering the same space and taking new cars from the inside.

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When you all arrive and enter the garage, you must search for clues around the room. There are multiple binders on the counters you can look at and a crate in the left corner near the big door. Once all the clues have been searched, jump into one of the cars and head out.

Screenshot by Gamepur
Screenshot by Gamepur

Depending on the car you jumped in, you will have three pings on your map you need to go to to find Agent Johnson. In our game, the white car led us to a mill in Blaine County, where an active shootout was happening. We are unsure if the location changes each time, so once someone in your team finds it, all teammates need to get to that area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you enter this area, both the gangsters and the cops will begin shooting you, so be sure to find an area for cover. Throughout taking out the opposition and surviving, you need to find a woman and get near her. She will say thank you for finding her and take cover with you. There should be plenty of cars around the area, so clear out anyone shooting at you, get her in a vehicle, and start driving toward the city.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you return to Los Santos, your new mission objective will be to lose the cops. Everyone on the team needs to lose them, even if they are not with Agent Johnson, so wait for your teammates. Once everyone’s wanted level is gone, Agent Johnson will say she’s feeling pretty woozy and have you drop her off at the hospital. Once she is there, the mission will end.