How to complete the Puppy Love Challenge in BitLife

Who doesn’t love puppies?

Image via Candywriters

The weekend has arrived again; with it, the Puppy Love Challenge in BitLife is now available. All players will have the chance to complete this challenge when they log into BitLife. However, for some, you might need to create a new character to meet the specific requirements of the challenge. This guide covers everything you need to do to complete the Puppy Love Challenge in BitLife.

All tasks in the Puppy Love Challenge for BitLife

You will need to complete several tasks to reach this challenge’s end. Here’s everything you need to do for the Puppy Love Challenge.

  • Download DogLife
  • Have a perfect relationship with 3+ dogs
  • Walk your dog 5 times
  • Bathe your dog 5 times

Although the challenge is about downloading DogLife, many of these tasks involve owning a dog in BitLife. You will need to purchase a dog from the adoption page, found underneath Activities, and your character will now own a dog.

While you have a dog, you must bathe them and walk them five times. You can do this in a single year and do not need to wait it out. After that, you will need to adopt two more dogs and have a perfect relationship with them. To increase your relationship with dogs, you can feed them, give them treats, or spend time with them. Gradually, you should have the maximum amount of relationship with all three, completing this week’s challenge.

Upon completing the final task, you will have a chance to roll for a random appearance item for your BitLife account. You can only complete this challenge once per BitLife account, but it is a relatively straightforward task for you to complete that shouldn’t take you too long.