How to complete the Rave On Feat in Hitman 3

Don’t enjoy the rave too much, 47.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Rave On is a Feat in the Berlin location in Hitman 3. It was added with Season of Envy and allows all players to unlock the Rave On Suit, but it has specific requirements. This guide explains how to complete the Rave On Feat.

How to complete the Rave On Feat

There are three requirements for completing the Rave on Feat. These are as follows.

  • Use the club entrance starting location
  • Become the DJ
  • Trigger the climax to make the crowd go wild

All of these are relatively easy to pull off. First, select the club entrance starting location before you start the mission. This will tick one thing off the list. As for the rest, you’ll need to head inside. Make your way down to the rave in the basement and head to the back right-hand corner of the area. There’s a door here that you can go through to get behind the DJ booth. We recommend acquiring a security disguise before you do this.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’re in the tech-only area, you can use a coin to distract one of the DJs from the booth, subdue them, and take their outfit. This is the second requirement accomplished. To complete the Feat, go into the DJ booth and take over from the other DJ. Wait for the on-screen prompt to change, then hype up the crowd and trigger the climax. You can combine this Feat with a signature kill that takes out two targets if you plan your route correctly. All you need to do now is eliminate five ICA agents to complete the mission and unlock the Rave On Suit.