How to complete the Real Housewives Challenge in BitLife

It’s a lifestyle.

A new weekend has arrived, and with it, a new challenge for players to complete in BitLife. This week’s challenge is the Real Housewives Challenge. There are multiple ways to complete it, and all of them are pretty simple.

Here are all of the tasks you need to complete for the challenge.

  • Be a female
  • Marry rich
  • Have 3+ female friends make you their enemy
  • Go to a party with someone you started a rumor about
  • Develop an addiction
  • Own a Range Rover

The first task is straightforward. All you have to do is start a new character or use one that is a female. After that, your next goal is to marry rich. It does not say male or female, so find any partner using the love section in activities and find someone to fall in love with who has quite a bit of money. We recommend finding someone who has well over $500,000 in income or close to. You can fall in love and marry them after several dates, and exchanging gifts with them.

Once you’ve completed that, your next goal is to make three female friends, your enemy. Over time, you’ll develop friendships, which you have to take care of by spending time with them. You can become enemies with them by insulting them or squabbling with them in the relationship menu. Eventually, they should become your enemy after doing this enough times.

The next task is to go to a party with someone you started a rumor about. You can start rumors with your co-workers, so you will need to have a job. When you do, go to the job screen, find any co-worker you’re working with, and start a rumor about them. From there, you’ll have to try and start a party or be invited to a party you both attend. We recommend finding a co-worker who is already friends with you, making it easier to start a rumor about them at work, and then inviting them through the friend menu.

Throughout all of these activities, your character needs to develop an addiction. You can do this whenever you’re offered to take any drugs or alcohol, which is random. Whenever any other character offers you one of those two things, accept them, and there’s a chance your character will develop an addiction.

The final task is to own a Range Rover. You can do this at any time from the assets menu. Click on that, and then pick to purchase a truck when you go shopping. It does have to be this model to complete the challenge.

Once you all everything we’ve stated above, you’ll complete the challenge and receive a random appearance item for your account in BitLife.