How to complete the Shaolin Monk Challenge in BitLife

Train your body and your mind.

A new week has arrived, and that means a brand new BitLife challenge for your weekend. This week’s challenge is called the Shaolin Monk challenge, and you can expect to use your character’s physical prowess and mental discipline to finish it.

Here are all of the tasks for the Shaolin Monk Challenge.

  • Be a monk for 20+ consecutive years
  • Meditate annually for 30+ consecutive years
  • Earn the top belt in every martial art
  • Kill 3 people with martial art moves

We highly recommend you make your character a male when they start out so you can become a monk.

The two big tasks for the Shaolin Monk challenge will be ones you’ll be doing for many years. When your character becomes old enough to engage in Mind & Body activities, typically around age six to eight, have them start meditate every time before you age up with them. You’ll need to do this 30 times in a row to complete the Meditate Annually task.

When you’re young, you’ll have the chance to ask your parents to take you out to do martial arts lessons. You can do this at any time, and you should be able to complete a full system when your parents allow you to do it. However, your parents will refuse you to take lessons from any of the other martial arts choices. You can only do one. Once your character becomes 18, they can choose to start any other martial art programs, but they take money to complete. You’ll want to do this before you become a monk.

To become a monk in BitLife, you need to make sure your character remains a virgin. They have to have done nothing bad, such as drinking or have accepted any drugs. You also have to do this as a male. The option to become a monk will be under the occupation page, no matter what country you’re in, so long as you remain pure, you’re a male, and you have done nothing illegal. You can expect to see it at the very bottom of the jobs page. If you do not see it your first year, grab a part-time job to pay for your martial art lessons. You’ll need to remain a monk for 20 years.

After you’ve been a monk for 20 years, here comes the hard part. You’ll have to kill three people using martial art moves. You can only do this if you’ve taken any of the martial arts. We highly recommend you complete all of your tasks before doing this because you’ll likely be taken to jail. You can complete this task pretty fast when you get to jail, so it’s not a bad place to end up finishing this challenge.

Once you complete all of the Shaolin Monk Challenge tasks, your BitLife account will receive an appearance item you can put on any character you make.