How to complete the Supercentenarian Challenge in BitLife

This week’s BitLife challenge is live.

Image via Candywriter

The new weekly challenge for BitLife has arrived, and with it, a new series of tasks for players to complete before time runs out. Each of the tasks falls under a particular theme in line with the Supercentenarian Challenge, and when you complete it before time runs out, you’ll receive a random appearance item for your account.

Here are all of the tasks you need to meet to complete the Supercentenarian challenge.

  • Start a first generation male life
  • Live to 120 years old

The first task for the Supercentenarian Challenge is to start over with your character. This means you’ll have to begin your BitLife character right from the start, and you won’t have the luxury to access any funds or benefits from your previous generations. You need to make sure they’re male.

The next, and only step, in the Supercentenarian Challenge is to live until you’re 120 years old. There are a handful of times we’re going to recommend to you to keep your character health, but it boils down to making good choices, and a little bit of luck. There are several random events in BitLife that make it extremely tough to meet this requirement, and some players even struggle making it to age 100.

One way you can make sure your character stays healthy every day is to visit the gym, meditate, and go on brief walks. When your character starts to become older, reaching their 70’s and 80’s, you want to pull away from the yearly gym visits and instead focus on walking. You don’t want to run a marathon. Instead, stick to a mile or a mile and a half walks to make it easier, and keep them in shape. Meditating will be something you want to do all the time to keep your character centered and mentally health.

Another method we recommend is watching your character’s diet. You can alter your character’s diet as soon as they become 18, in the Mind & Body tab underneath Activities. Some diets are restricted to the part of the world you’re in, but these are the diets that give your character positives, and not negatives.

  • Jenny Craig
  • Keto
  • Mediterranean
  • Nutrisystem
  • Paleo
  • South Beach
  • Vegan
  • Weight Watchers

Pick from any of these diets, and you should be good to go.

Whenever your character has the option to drink alcohol or take drugs, make sure to decline them. Those will have a negative impact on your character, even if you only do it once.

Once your reach age 120, you’ll have completed the Supercentenarian Challenge in BitLife. Your account will receive a random appearance item that you can put on any of your character avatars.