How to complete the Treat Yourself Challenge in BitLife

You deserve this.

Image via BitLife Twitter

The weekend has arrived, and the next BitLife challenge is available to all players. You can spend the weekend working on it to unlock an appearance item to wear across all of your characters on your BitLife account. This weekend, it’s the Treat Yourself Challenge, and you have until the middle of next week to complete it. In this guide, we’re going to detail how to complete the Treat Yourself Challenge in BitLife.

How to do the Treat Yourself Challenge

These are all tasks you need to complete in the Treat Yourself Challenge.

  • Purchase a car over $100k
  • Purchase jewelry worth over $5k every year over 20+ years
  • Adopt 5+ cats
  • Adopt 5+ dogs
  • Get a mani-pedi every year for 20+ years

You want to have quite a bit of money to afford this luxurious lifestyle in this challenge. We recommend making sure you have a promising career and be ready to keep up with certain choices, such as buying jewelry whenever possible and getting a mani-pedi for the next 20 years.

We recommend focusing on adopting five cats and dogs. You can do this from the Pets category in the Activities tab and select any of the cats and dogs you can adopt. You won’t be able to adopt all of them simultaneously, so we recommend visiting it often and adding your new pet whenever possible. These animals can be expensive, so make sure you’re taking care of them.

Next, you want to purchase a vehicle worth more than $100,000. You should be able to find one for sale in the Assets tab when you go shopping. Here, you can visit any car dealerships in your BitLife character’s area. You want to select the one with a nicer car symbol. You will see the car’s value underneath it. Make sure it goes over $100,000, you have the money to buy it, and then it’s yours.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

For 20 years of your character’s life, you want to make sure you buy jewelry worth at least $5,000, and you receive a mani-pedi. You need to visit the Assets tab for the jewelry, and it should be underneath the car dealerships. Like the cars, you can see how much each item is worth, and you want to make sure you buy one worth over $5,000. For the mani-pedi, go to the Activities tab on the main screen and choose Salon & Spa. The mani-pedi option should be available each time you visit the Nail Salon option.

After doing this for 20 years, you will complete the Treat Yourself challenge.