How to complete the Under the Sea Challenge in BitLife

Here’s everything you need to do for the Under the Sea Challenge in BitLife.

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The Under the Sea Challenge in BitLife has arrived in time for the weekend. You have a few days to complete the challenge before it expires. You will receive a cosmetic item for your account should you complete all tasks before it disappears. There are several objectives for you to complete. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to complete the Under the Sea Challenge in BitLife.

All tasks for the Under the Sea Challenge

These are all the tasks you will need to complete in the Under the Sea Challenge.

The first thing you will need to do is create a character and make sure they are female. From there, select to have them born in Denmark. You will start the game here and work your way towards College. We recommend working on your character’s Smarts and increasing their Voice Skill as they grow up to age 18.

The next thing you need to do is become a marine biologist. You can do this by reaching College and having your character enroll as a Biology major. Several majors work for a marine biologist, but the standard Biology option is your best choice. You will then need to work through four years of College, studying hard and increasing your character’s Smart skills. After graduating from College, your character needs to apply to graduate school, which only takes two years to complete. From there, you can find the Marine Biologist job, and your character will meet its qualifications.

The next step is for your character to have an enemy named Ursula. For those playing on BitLife God mode, you can change any character’s name and have them become Ursula and their enemy. Alternatively, another good way to go about this is to have a child, naming them Ursula and becoming enemies with them. Of course, there’s always the chance you can find a random NPC named Ursula and become their enemy, but the chances of it are rare.

The fourth step in this challenge is increasing your character’s Voice Skill to 100 percent. You can do this as your character grows up, taking voice lessons. However, if you do it later in your character’s life after they’re 18, they will need to pay for the lessons. The best way to reach 100 percent is to take voice lessons every day until you reach the maximum threshold.

The final thing you need to do for this challenge is to marry into royalty. This is highly complicated and challenging to do. You will have to go on a dating application in BitLife and see if you can stumble upon a royal family member. This will take a bit of time, and you may need to close out of BitLife and refresh it for more dating choices to appear. You can increase the chances of this happening by becoming famous, and with 100 percent voice skill, becoming a singer for a band is an excellent way to find royalty while trying to date someone.

After completing all of these tasks, a cosmetic item will be available for your character.