How to take voice lessons and increase voice skill in BitLife

How much talent do you have?

Image via Candywriter

There are a variety of unique instruments you can learn how to play in BitLife. If you become good at a select few of them, such as piano, guitar, bass guitar, or even the cello, you could take those talents to become a famous musician. You’ll be able to join a band or become a solo artist with a record label, touring the world to sing and play for millions of fans. But, instead of that, you can choose to become a famous singer. Before you do that, you need to increase your voice skills. This guide details how to take voice lessons and improve your character’s voice skills.

To take voice lessons and improve your voice skill in BitLife, you’ll need to go to the Activities tab and the Mind & Body section. From there, instead of going to the instruments section, you want to scroll down to the voice. Click it, and you’ll have the option to take voice lessons. Much like instruments, you can do this as young as six years old. But your parents need to agree to it. Although, we’ve yet to see them say no ever to take you.

From there, you’ll need to increase your voice skill every year by taking voice lessons as many times as you can. You want to try and improve that skill as frequently as possible before you turn 18. Once you become 18, you can still take voice lessons, but it will now cost money, and it’ll become a costly endeavor. When you reach about 90% with your voice skill, you can audition for a band or go down a solo artist’s path with one of the available record labels.

We’ve found that it’s easier to join a band early on in your career than to become a solo artist. You’re better off starting with a band than becoming a solo artist after making albums and becoming famous after a few years. It’s a difficult path to take, but it’ll lead you to become a famous singer.