How to complete the Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife

Who do you truly love?

Love is in the air, and it’s come to BitLife for a limited time challenge in the form of the Valentine’s Challenge. You only have a few days to finish it, so make sure to get on this quickly, and you can focus on remembering to smash the nearest store to grab your significant other’s favorite box of chocolates or a bouquet.

Here are all of the requirements to complete the challenge.

  • Cheat on a lover
  • Call off an engagement
  • Marry someone within a year of knowing them
  • Celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary
  • Renew your vows

The first few tasks for this challenge are not the most romantic gestures. You want to cheat on your lover, and you can do this at any time when you’re dating them. You can do this by seeking others out through the dating application in the activities section or have an opportunity to be with a friend’s significant other. The latter option is a random event, so we recommend seeking out someone.

The second task is to call off an engagement. You’ll only be able to do this after you, and your significant other have decided to marry each other. One of your have to purpose, and you can do this after purchasing a ring from a store. You’ll want to wait around two to four years before purposing, and before the two of you have your wedding day, you can break the engagement off. You can do this by clicking on your fiancé status in the relationships tab.

The third task is marrying someone you’ve only known for a year. You can do this by starting to date someone through the dating application in the activities section. More often than not, a significant other won’t agree to a marriage within a short amount of time. You can provide them a load of gifts over and over again until you maximize their relationship, and then attempt to purpose. You might have to try multiple times.

The fourth task is to celebrate your 50th anniversary with your lover. This is simply making sure the two of you are happy with each other and then remain alive long enough to celebrate it.

The last task you need to do is renew your vows with your significant other. You can do this after being married to them for several years, and typically around after 10 years, in the relationship tab, you have the option to do this with them. By having a high enough relationship level with them, they normally say yes.

Once you’ve completed all of these tasks, you’ll complete the Valentine’s Challenge, and you’ll gain an appearance item for your characters moving forward.