How to complete The Vermiarch in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

Find a burrow one last time.


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The Vermiarch is the second Milestone in Phase five of No Man’s Sly Expedition 4: Emergence. To complete it, you’ll need to visit another Titan Worm Burrow and survive the encounter. However, this planet is brutal and will try to kill you even when there are no enemies to be seen and the weather is clear. This guide will help you complete the Milestone without suffering a brutal death.

Make the most of your ship

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First, use your tactical visor to locate the nearest Titan Worm Burrow. These are marked with red worm icons in the visor, and you should be directed to the closest one if you have this Milestone tagged as active in the Expedition menu. When you’ve found it, start running toward it.

If you find that the weather is too harsh and you need somewhere to rest and recharge your exosuit, then summon your ship. Your ship is the perfect capsule to get a reprieve from the heat of this planet and its storms. The environment is probably the worst thing you’ll have to face since it’s a ceaseless enemy that will continue to attack you unless you get inside. Even digging a hole underground will only pause the damage the heat is doing.

Once you arrive at the Titan Worm Burrow, you’ll likely need to fight a group of Worms surrounding it. Use your scattershot and mining laser to kill them. Then, walk over to where the Titan Worm Burrow is located, even if it’s disappeared along with the Worms, and the Milestone will complete. After that, you can claim Wormskin Folio: 5, a Supreme Pulse Engin Upgrade, and five Inventory Slots as a reward from the Expedition menu.