How to complete the Vocho chapter in Forza Horizon 5

Go back in time.

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One of the Horizon Adventure chapters in Forza Horizon 5 is the Vocho. It’s one of the Horizon Festival parts, and it revolves around the discovery and restoration of a legendary Volkswagen Beetle. How can you complete it? Here’s what you have to do.

In order to complete the Vocho chapter in full, you must complete all 13 parts and get 39 stars. This equates to three stars in each challenge.

Vocho chapters can be found in the Forza Horizon 5 map via orange icons with a Volkswagen logo. Considering that the reward for this story is a Beetle, that shouldn’t shock you in the slightest.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It might seem like a grind, and in some cases, it is. The 13 parts include a number of timed races, in which you must reach a certain destination within a set period of time. Vocho also includes a PR stunt, Vocho can Fly, in which you need to get three stars by hitting 544 feet (hint: hit >=115 MPH at the jump to get the three stars). And while it might sound like a good idea to follow the blue driving assist trail line for the timed races, it doesn’t always pay off.

For example, the fourth part of the Vocho chapter, Vocho Skills, asks the player to drive around the jungle and reach the destination within 90 seconds. However, you can go around the recommended path and get to the destination in a fraction of the time. A second example is the Scratch vs. Stock challenge, where you will race Alejandra. Anna, the GPS, will direct you take the shorter path that is straighter and to the right of the recommended path.

We should note that the last part of this story will be unlocked until you have completed enough races and unlocked chapters in order to make the Hall of Fame.