How to complete the Warpriest Challenge in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2

The Warpriest is not a push over.

Image via Bungie

The Master difficulty has arrived for the King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2. This is a much more harrowing challenge than the standard encounter, and it’s a good way for players who have routinely gone through the raid to see how they fare against this increased difficulty. There will also be particular challenges you can complete, and the Warpriest challenge is called Devious Thievery. This guide covers how to complete the Warpriest Challenge in Destiny 2’s King Fall Raid.

How to complete the Devious Thievery challenge in King’s Fall

For the Warpriest encounter, you and your team need to steal the Brand from the other player holding the buff within five seconds after picking up the Brand Stealer buff. Essentially, for this part of the encounter, the one holding the Brand will have a countdown, which is how your team will damage the Warpriest. You want to remain in this phase to damage the Warpriest and then swap it with the player who grabs the buff. However, you don’t want to do it too quickly to shorten the damage phase for your team.

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We recommend coordinating with your team to ensure everyone can plan each phase and focus on when the knight’s location, the one that drops the Brand. It’s easy to miss this challenge because swapping within five seconds might be challenging. This will require consistent communication and double-checking who has done what through the progression of this raid. It’s important to remember when swapping Brands between players; there’s a slight delay that you will want to account for each time.

The Warpriest can be a complicated fight, and it gave many players a hard pause before they could push forward and complete the rest of the King’s Fall raid.