How to complete Trail of Delicacies Guide Day 2 – Path of Gentle Breezes in Genshin Impact

A path for good fortune.

The Moonchase Festival is going strong in Genshin Impact, with the second day of events in full swing. The second path for the Trail of Delicacies allows players to hone their combat skills while earning some Primogems along the way.

The first day of the Trail of Delicacies led players along a path located in Liyue, but the second day brings players back to the Mondstadt. As with the first day, players must traverse an obstacle course using your glider and clear camps of enemies. Defeating these camps will reward players with a chest containing Primogems and other character materials.

If you’re having trouble clearing some of the camps, you can also offer a delicacy and gain some buffs. During the second path, you can offer a Delicious Chicken-Mushroom Skewer, a Delicious Fried Egg, a Delicious Sweet Madame, a Delicious Flaming Red Bolognese, or a Delicious Sweet Mondstadt Hashbrown. Offering more delicacies will reward you with stronger buffs, and even more prizes.

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Each enemy camp has a designated “camp leader,” a strong enemy, and several attendants, like weaker hillichurls. The attendants, if left unchecked, will provide the camp leader with a variety of buffs. The second day’s camp leader will obtain a variety of physical and elemental resistances, so be sure to clear out the attendants.

Once you clear an enemy camp and obtain the chest, a wind current will spawn near your current location, automatically leading you to the next enemy camp. Follow the wind currents with your glider and simply hop from destination to destination. Clearing all the camps gives you an even larger reward, such as Primogems and a weapon refinement material for the Luxurious Sea-Lord. Be sure to clear all of them.

Screenshot by Gamepur