How to complete Trail of the Dead in God of War Ragnarok

Give the local wildlife a chance of survival.

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Trail of the Dead is a Favor side quest in God of War Ragnarok that takes place in The Jungle region of The Crater in the realm of Vanaheim. Your objective on this quest is to find and slay The Corpse eater, an air dragon that’s been harassing you and the local wildlife since you arrived in The Jungle. The Trail of the Dead quest begins after you complete the Return of the River side quest Favor and take the lift from the top of the dam back down to the ground. You’ll see a deer grazing up ahead, and then a dragon will swoop down and carry it away in its talons. This unfortunate (for the deer) incident will start the Trail of the Dead side quest Favor.

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How to reach the dragon’s feeding ground

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Get in the boat and paddle all the way to the east end of the river, then turn left and go through the narrow tunnel. Disembark at the small wooden dock, go up the slope, and squeeze through the gap. You need to defeat the two ogres in this area because if you try to reach the dragon’s feeding ground without killing the ogres first, they’ll throw boulders at you and you won’t be able to get up there.

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Once the ogres are dead, go back down to the boat, and paddle back the way you came. Look out for a Nornir Chest and a Mystic Gateway on your left, and disembark in front of them. Go left, past the Mystic Gateway, then past the Celestial Altar. Climb the ruins on the east side, then turn right and follow the rock ledge around the ruin. Use your Blades of Chaos to leap from wall to wall until you reach a platform with a corpse on it. Burn the vines using a chain of Sigils as shown in the screenshot above.

Drop off the ledge, then use your Blades of Chaos to leap across to the ledge on the north side (the one with a large chest on it). Head west, then north. This is where your way would be blocked if you hadn’t killed the ogres first. Then climb the wall to reach the dragon’s feeding ground.

How to slay the Corpse Eater dragon

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The hardest thing about the Corpse Eater dragon boss fight is that it has a combo where it uses two unblockable attacks in a row. The first is a shower of bifrost, which is followed by a lunging bite. If you get hit by the bifrost you’ll be vulnerable to damage, so if you get hit by the bite too, it’ll really hurt. Roll sideways repeatedly as soon as you see the first red circle, and don’t stop until the dragon has lunged and missed. Other than that, make sure you hit it with a spear when it’s diving at you, and generally attack it from the front so that you hit its throat and belly.