How to craft a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft Nether Update

Stay safe in the Nether.


image via Mojang

A respawn anchor is an incredibly useful item in Minecraft that will set a respawn point for you in the Nether. This is useful, as the Nether is a treacherous place, so not having to travel all the way back to it where you die is great.

You can craft a Respawn Anchor by using nine blocks in your crafting table in the following layout.

Crying Obsidian Crying Obsidian Crying Obsidian
Crying Obsidian Crying Obsidian Crying Obsidian

You can get Crying Obsidian from a ruined portal. This is a damaged Nether Portal that will spawn on the map, in any biome, and can appear on the ground, underwater, or in caves. You can break off blocks of Crying Obsidian by using a Diamond Pickaxe. 

To use the block, you will need to use it with glowing stone blocks to charge it. Each Glowstone block you use will give then anchor more charges, up to a maximum of 15 charges. Each time you respawn, a charge is consumed, and if you use all the charges, then the Respawn Anchor will be useless, and you will need to make another one.

Respawn Anchors need clear space around them to respawn the player, so a Respawn Anchor can become useless if buried or covered in lava. You can also find Respawn Anchors as you explore the nether, and they can only be harvested with a Diamon or Netherite Pickaxe.