How to craft a Shield Fish, Spicy Fish, and Vendetta Fish on Dragon Ball Adventure Island in Fortnite

Feed Goku to receive one sacred collectible in return.

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While journeying through Fortnite’s Dragon Ball Adventure Island map, you’ll discover Goku in the main plaza asking that you collect seven Dragon Balls around the map. One of the first Dragon Balls will be at Goku’s House and can only be rewarded once you have crafted a Shield Fish, Spicy Fish, and Vendetta Fish for the Saiyan. However, you’ll need a range of ingredients to do so. Here’s how to craft these fish and earn the Dragon Ball from Goku’s House in Fortnite.

Where to craft Shield Fish, Spicy Fish, and Vendetta Fish in Dragon Ball Adventure Island

It is best to begin the challenge by crafting the Shield Fish first, as it has the easiest ingredients to obtain: a Flopper Fish and a Shield Mushroom. You can catch a Flooper Fish by picking up a fishing rod near the tent at the back of the map and then reeling one in from the nearby pond. Once caught, you should then head to the left side of Goku’s House and interact with its mushrooms to harvest a Shield Mushroom. With these ingredients in hand, go to the crafting tables near Goku (as shown below) and put them on the table to the left to receive a Shield Fish.

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The Spicy Fish can then be crafted with one Flooper and one Pepper. As you can catch more Floopers in the pond, Peppers can be picked up from the garden in front of the house. These ingredients should then be placed on the crafting table to the right to craft a Spicy Fish. The Vendetta Fish will then be extraordinarily easy to get, as you can just put both the Spicy Fish and Shield Fish on the table in the center to obtain it. Don’t worry, you won’t need each fish in your inventory at the same time to complete the quest.

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After all fish have been made, the three-star Dragon Ball will then appear at the center of the map for you to snatch. So, what does this item do? On its own, it is just a collectible. Though, it is said finding the Dragon Ball in each subregion of Dragon Ball Adventure Island will reward you with a mystery cosmetic. Meanwhile, other Dragon Ball goodies can also be unlocked by doing the Power Unleashed questline, like the almighty Shenron Glider.