How to craft Jhinga Biryani in Final Fantasy XIV

It’s time to get that stove up and running.

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The Jhinga Biryani is one of the new crafts added in Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.31. Along with the standard 3% Experience Point bonus provided when you consume it, it also provides players with a 21% CP (reaching a maximum of 69) buff and a 4% Control buff (reaching a maximum of 72). This makes it the ideal food to use when tackling a particularly tricky high-level craft. Here is how you can craft Jhinga Biryani in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Crafting Jhinga Biryani in FFXIV — Ingredients and requirements

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Jhinga Biryani is a level 90 Master Culinarian craft, requiring one to possess a Master Culinarian X tome to unlock the crafting recipe. This can be obtained by trading in collectibles for White Crafters’ Scrips at the various Scrip Exchanges around Eorzea and beyond. The tome itself requires 1200 White Crafters’ Scrips. You will need the following materials in order to craft 3 servings of Jhinga Biryani:

  • Jhinga x1
  • Perilla Oil x2
  • Northern Sea Salt x1
  • Bomba Rice x2
  • Thavnairian Paprika x1
  • Earthbreak Aethersand x1
  • Fire Cluster x3
  • Water Cluster x3

Catching a Jhinga requires players to have a Tome of Ichthyological Folklore for Ilsabard and the Northern Empty. It can be caught along the level 81 fishing hole at the Thavnairian Coast using Mackerel Strips or a Versatile Lure as bait.

The Thavnairian Perilla Leaves required to make Perilla Oil can be acquired via harvesting at the level 85 Giantsgall Grounds botany nodes. Thavnairian Paprika can also be gathered from these nodes.

Players will be able to acquire the Sharlayan Rock Salt required to make Northern Sea Salt via mining in the level 85 miner nodes around the Aesthete’s Tholos in Labyrinthos. Bomba Rice is a Shadowbringers material and can be harvested from level 80 nodes around Scree in Kholusia.

Earthbreak Aethersand is the last and trickiest ingredient to get, requiring players to either use Aetherial Reduction on certain collectibles or trade-in 300 Purple Gatherers’ Scrips for 1 Earthbreak Aethersand via the various Scrip Exchange vendors. There is a chance of acquiring it by using Aetherial Reduction on the Nosceasaur, Earthen Quartz, Sophora Roots, and Verdigris Guppy collectibles, but it is not guaranteed.