How to get Jhinga in Final Fantasy XIV

A hefty prize.

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Jhinga is a resource you can acquire while fishing in Final Fantasy XIV. You’ll want to acquire it if you’re looking to finish up several cooking recipes, such as Jhinga Biryani and Jhinga Curry, both a Maser Culinarian can learn how to make. You’ll need to go out of your way to find this resource and ensure you bring the correct bait when attempting to catch it. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Jhinga in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to find Jhinga in Final Fantasy XIV

You can only find Jhinga while exploring Thavnair. However, you will need to unlock this fishing resource before you can attempt to locate it. You can find the book where you can learn about it by making your way to the Splendors Vendor at Radz-at-Han. This can be located in one of the market stalls in the area. The book you need to purchase is called Tome of Ichthyological Folklore – Ilsabard and the Northern Empty. Upon using the book, you can begin looking for Jhinga.

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The next step is to go to Thavnair and begin fishing off the Thavnairian Coast. You can find it on the northwest side of the continent, to the west of The Perfumed Rise region. You want to make your way to the coast and ensure your character has reached at least level 81 in the Fishing profession.

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When you arrive, bring Mackerel Strip to lure the fish to your location. You want to wait until you have a small bite, a single exclamation point (!) above your character’s head. If you do not get it, use Surface Slap on the first fish that appears. Eventually, you should be able to find Jhinga, but make sure to have plenty of Mackerel Strip on you.