Where to find Earthbreak Aethersand in Final Fantasy XIV

Grab this helpful crafting resource item.

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Earthbreak Aethersand is a resource you will need to find in Final Fantasy XIV. It won’t be as available as other resources you can find in the game out in the wild, which makes tracking it down a bit more complicated. You have to jump through a handful of hoops to make sure you have this resource, or you can go the straightforward route, which may cost you more Gil than you want to part with. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Earthbreak Aethersand in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to get Earthbreak Aethersand in Final Fantasy XIV

You’ll need Purple Gatherers’ Scrip to obtain Earthbreak Aethersand. You can acquire it by, as a Gatherer, purchasing the Tome of Folklore for your respective gathering profession at the Splendors Vendor at Radz-at-Han at coordinates (X:11.3, Y:9.1). After purchasing it, you’ll have the chance to locate Unspoiled Nodes when you are level 90, but these are rare and challenging to find. Alternatively, as a Crafter, you can turn Collectibles if you are a level 90 Crafting profession. Both are viable ways to earn Purple Scrips, and the process is time-consuming.

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When you have at least 300 Purple Gatherer’s Scrip, make your way over to any Scrip Exchange. You can find them in Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah, Gridania, Mor Dhona, Idylsshire, Rhalgr’s Reach, the Crystarium, Eulmore, Old Sharlayan, or in Radz-at-Han. Any larger city should have one where you can exchange your Purple Scrip for various items. One of these items will be Earthbreak Aethersand, and again, you need at least 300 Purple Scrips to receive one.

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Because of how long it can take to earn Purple Scrips, we recommend finding multiple activities to make it easier, but this won’t always be possible based on your preferred profession. Alternatively, you might find these on the market board on your server, but the Gil prices will vary.