How to damage a Survivor with a Dire Crow as The Artist in Dead by Daylight

There’s a reason it’s called a murder of crows.


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Every Killer in Dead by Daylight has unique attacks and powers that make them deadly in every Trial. However, these abilities can be challenging to master, leading to frustrating games where you can’t quite get the kills you so desperately seek. This guide explains how to damage Survivors with a Dire Crow, one of The Artist’s talents, so you have every opportunity to hook a Survivor.

How to damage Survivors with a Dire Crow

Screenshot by Gamepur

To damage a Survivor with a Dire Crow, you need to hit a Survivor with one. While flying along their path, Dire Crows can injure a Survivor and indicate where they are, but they must hit the Survivor while along their flight path. It doesn’t count if your crows swarm a Survivor after encountering another Survivor who has suffered the same fate.

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Dire Crow is The Artist’s ranged attack. To use it, you first need to charge it and deploy the Birds of Torment. While deploying, make sure you’re facing the direction you want the crows to fly. Once you’ve placed them all, you can hit the button to send those crows flying across the map. If they encounter a Survivor, they’ll swarm them, causing the Survivor to need to stop what they’re doing and flap the crows away. While the crows are actively swarming the Survivor, you’ll be able to see them through any objects highlighted in white.

We found that it’s best to use any add-ons and perks you can that boost the number of Dire Crows you have. Then, deploy them while aiming toward the generators around the map. This ability recharges quite quickly, so you can stand to use it regularly every time it’s recharged. Send the crows off on their flight as soon as you’ve placed the last one because you can’t cause damage by leaving them idle next to a generator pallet. However, this is a good tactic if you’re hoping to see Survivor heartbeats when they’re in proximity. The more Dire Crows you send flying across the map, the better your chances of damaging a Survivor, so keep letting them loose.