All Pokémon Go Tour Kanto: Defeat Challengers timed research tasks and rewards – All NPC challengers

These challengers will be appearing throughout the Tour: Kanto event.

Image via Niantic

Before Pokémon Go held its massive new event, the Tour: Kanto, there was a competition for players to submit their chosen teams to be chosen to become an NPC for the big event. Those who won had their Pokémon and their avatars selected, and they’ll be appearing throughout the big event for players to battle. There’s a research task associated with taking down each of these trainers. There are ten of them in total that you need to find, and they work similarly to the Team Rocket grunts players have battled before.

You also want to make sure to complete the Tour: Kanto special research to earn your shiny Ditto and eventually receive your shiny Mew.

You do not have to purchase the Tour: Kanto ticket to take part in this exclusive timed research. It will be available for all players, along with the challengers that are appearing during the event.

All Go Tour Kanto: Defeat All Challengers timed research tasks and rewards

Beating all of the challengers gives players is the primary goal of the timed research task. We’ll be posting the tasks and rewards for the timed research below.

Task 1

  • Catch 20 Pokémon: 500 Stardust
  • Power up Pokémon 3 Times: 15 Great Balls
  • Battle 2 GO Tour Challengers – Eevee Encounter

Rewards: 5 Super potions, 20 Eevee candy, and 5 revives

Task 2

  • Evolve 3 Pokémon: 500 XP
  • Power up Pokémon 3 Time: 500 Stardust
  • Battle 2 GO Tour Challengers: 500 XP

Rewards: 3 Max potions, 1 Sinnoh stone, and 3 Max Revives

Task 3

  • Battle in a raid: 1,000 XP
  • Win a raid: Lapras encounter
  • Defeat 3 Go Tour Challengers: 500 XP

Rewards: 1,000 XP, 20 Lapras Candy, and 1,000 Stardust

Task 4

  • Power up Pokémon 5 times: Snorlax encounter
  • Defeat 3 Tour challengers with your buddy: 20 Snorlax candy
  • Defeat 5 Tour challengers: 1 Premium battle pass

Rewards: 1 Fast TM, 1 Charged TM, and 1 lucky egg

All Tour: Kanto NPC challengers

These are all of the NPCs you’ll need to find during the event, the Pokémon they’re using, and how to beat them. There are eight in total.


CashmereFeline will be using Persian, Dragonair, and Ninetails. These Pokémon do not share all of the same weaknesses, but we recommend using a Rock, Ground, Fighting, or a Dragon-type Pokémon. Persian will be weak to a Fighting-type, the Dragonair is weak to the Dragon or an Ice-type, and Ninetails is weak to the Rock or Water-type. You have to mix up your team a little bit to find the correct weaknesses when battling CashmereFeline.


DieCurryWurst will be using Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard. Because all of these are Fire-type Pokémon, you can choose to go with a pure Water-type team or use Rock-types. Both will be good against these three, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking them down.


Enjoyryde will be using Snorlax, Clefable, and Wigglytuff. These Pokémon are all Normal and Fairy-types. We recommend using a Poison, Fighting, or a Steel-type Pokémon to defeat them. The Fighting-type Pokémon will be able to take down Snorlax, but it’s a fairly robust Pokémon with a lot of health and defenses. We recommend a Fighting-type Pokémon, such as Conkeldurr, Terrakion, Gallade, Machamp, or Cobalion.


Juanevoli will be using a flying balloon Pikachu, a regular Pikachu, and a Pikachu in their Halloween costume. Because all of them are Electric-type Pokémon, we recommend using an Rock or Ground-type Pokémon to take them down. You shouldn’t have too much trouble tackling these options.


LenToa9 will have a Geodude, a Graveler, and Onix. Much like Brock, the Pewter City gym leader, you’ll want to use any Water or Grass-type Pokémon you can find to take these choices down. They’re all Rock-types.


Maibuleo will be using a Gloom, Butterfree, and Victreebel. While these Pokémon are all slightly different, they have a few common weaknesses. We recommend using a Fire or Flying-type Pokémon to target all of them. You can use Charizard, Talonflame, Reshiram, Ho-Oh, Entei, or Moltres to defeat them.


Oneslapguy will be using a male Nidoran, a Koffing, and a Gengar. While Gengar is the odd one out among these choices as a Ghost-type, all of these are Poison-type Pokémon. You’ll want to use Dark, Ghost, Ground, or Psychic-type Pokémon to fight against Oneslapguy.


Telli997 has a Flareon, a Vaporeon, and a Jolteon, all of the Eevee evolved forms from the Kanto region. With each being a different type, you can choose your ideal choice against each one to defeat them. Flareon will lose to most Ground or Rock-types. Grass or Electric-types will defeat Vaporen. Jolteon will fizzle out when battling against any Ground-types.