How to defeat enemies using Tangle with Strand in Destiny 2

Unleash Strand against your opponents.

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Strand is a Darkness element you unlock in Destiny 2’s Lightfall. It gives access to a range of unique abilities, and you can tap into the strings of the universe, unraveling enemies while battling against them. One notable ability you’ll get the chance to use often is Tangle. You’ll learn how to master this as you progress through the Lightfall story, and you can use it as you gain access to this element. Here’s what you need to know about how to defeat enemies using Tangle with Strand in Destiny 2.

How to Tangle enemies in Destiny 2

You go about using Tangle by defeating an enemy you’ve hit using your other Strand abilities, such as Sever, Unravel, or Suspect. A Suspended enemy is one that you’ve lifted off the ground using Strand, holding them by these eerily green webs. An Unraveled enemy will burst out from the attack and hit others with the Unraveled effect. Finally, Sever is a damage debuff to a target, and they start doing less damage against you. You can unleash these status effects while using Strand or using a Strand-based weapon.

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You’ll see a Green Orb on the ground, and this will be the Tangle. You can grab it like the other orbs of power you need to dunk while playing Destiny 2. Rather than dunking it, throw it at an enemy, and they’ll unravel and typically disappear. Although not every target will unravel when hit with a Tangle orb created by your Strand powers, it’s a good way to knock out a lot of damage from more formidable foes.

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You won’t always create a Tangle orb when using your Strand abilities, but if you coordinate your Strand grapple with a well-timed melee attack, an orb typically appears after defeating foes.