How to defeat Nidhogg in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Forgotten Saga

Nidhogg continues to gnaw on the roots of the World Tree.

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Nidhogg is at the heart of Nidheim in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Forgotten Saga. Here, you will face a fearsome dragon, a poisonous being eager to rip the flesh from the Allfather and prevent him from passing into the heart of Niflheim. You must defeat this powerful dragon if you wish to continue your quest. In this guide, we’ll cover what you need to do to defeat Nidhogg in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Forgotten Saga.

How to beat Nidhogg in the Forgotten Saga

Given Nidhogg’s size, taking him out will be no easy task. However, you can make this challenge much easier by focusing on using fire-based attacks. It is Nidhogg’s greatest weakness, and you can use it throughout the fight when damaging him to do even more damage. For example, the Melee Ability, Golden Flame, is exceptionally good at harming Nidhogg throughout this encounter, making your job much easier.

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First phase

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For the first phase of this battle, your target will be to aim for Nidhogg’s legs. As a dragon, Nidhogg has two in the front and two in the back. Each of these legs has health bars on them, and you will need to damage them before you can hit Nidhogg and do any actual harm to him. This will require you to close the distance and bash those legs with your melee weapons.

We do not recommend going underneath Nidhogg’s stomach, as it will be dripping poison. You will want to make sure you avoid going underneath him and building your poison meter. Another way Nidhogg can poison you is with his breath. He may fire a poison ball at you while you’re attacking his side or while trying to close the distance, fire a laser of poison that swerves the map. While the breath may not do too much damage, it will build your poison meter, causing you to take a damage-over-time effect during this fight.

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Alternatively, when you close the distance, Nidhogg may use his legs to swipe at you or stomp you. These are easily telegraphed, and before they land on the ground, you will want to make sure you pull away and then return after they’ve landed. Additionally, Nidhogg’s tail and wings can also sweep out at you, which are massive AOE attacks. These attacks can be dodged so long as you time them correctly.

Once all of Nidhogg’s legs have been fully damaged, he flies up into the air and then falls to the ground. You will need to rush up to him and begin attacking the blue area around his neck, which gives you the chance to damage his actual health bar. Nidhogg is not defenseless; he can still fire his poison breath at you, and he will continue swiping at you, but you should be able to do damage against him during this portion. This won’t last forever, though. He will stand up, and you will need to repeat the process.

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Second phase

The second phase of this fight starts after you’ve defeated Nidhogg. An eerie glow surrounds him, and the undead will rise in the arena and rush toward him. We recommend using bow or melee weapons to prevent them from reaching Nidhogg, and then Nidhogg will rise again.

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Like the first phase of this fight, you will need to damage Nidhogg’s legs and try to topple him to the ground. However, now Nidhogg is joined on the battlefield by multiple undead warriors, and you will also need to fight them while battling Nidhogg. Thankfully, you can make short work of these foes by hitting them once. The problem is the number of them while also dealing with Nidhogg.

However, this fight is like the first part, and when Nidhogg falls to the ground after damaging his legs, you will need to go for his neck. This time, Nidhogg will fall after you’ve defeated him a second time, and you can move further into Niflheim.