How to defeat Rockwell Prime in Ark: Survival Evolved

He’s back for more.

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While Rockwell may have been introduced in Aberration as a boss fights for Ark: Survival Evolved, our many-limbed villain did not end his reign of terror there. With the launch of the Genesis Part 2 map, the last of the maps with the official story for Ark: Survival Evolved before Ark 2, Rockwell made another rather horrifying appearance. Filling the role of another boss battle, this time with a lot more in terms of mechanics. This guide will look at everything you’ll need to fight Rockwell Prime in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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What you’ll need to fight Rockwell Prime in Ark: Survival Evolved

This fight is only available on the Genesis Part 2 map. The map itself doesn’t have any Artifacts at all, but it does have a host of Missions that players can complete activating various bonuses on the map. These Missions also have various loot as rewards, as well as Hexagons, but their main purpose is to serve as a means to accessing Rockwell Prime. To access the boss fight, you’ll have to complete the Missions as follows, and have enough Mutagen in your inventory:

Boss VersionMissionsMutagen
Gamma Rockwell PrimeAll Missions on Gamma completed6
Beta Rockwell PrimeAll Missions on Beta completed12
Alpha Rockwell PrimeAll Missions on Alpha completed24

There are a number of different ways you can go about this fight, but one thing is for sure, entering alone without any tames isn’t going to work. For the boss fight you’ll want to have several tames with you and decent gear:

  • Shadowmanes: Shadowmanes have great mate boosts, natural armor, and they can have a high HP and Melee Damage combination.
  • Reaper: Reapers are very easily obtained in Genesis 2 and they’re incredibly tanky. They’ll be able to soak up the damage from the tentacles while also taking care of them for you. 
  • Yutyrannus: An optional tame to bring in, its boost can help your team. If you’re with a larger Tribe, it can be worth bringing a Yuty in and having a player-designated buffer; if you’re on your own, you might need to practice ordering your other tames around from the back of the Yuty.
  • High-tier armor: Flak, or as highly crafted Tek armor as you can manage, will be vital to staying alive in this fight.
  • Pump-Action Shotgun with plenty of ammunition: Due to the high amount of damage this outputs, and the fact that you’ll need it in the last part of your fight, you must have one.
  • Medical Brews, food, water: Bring as much of these as you can craft and carry without slowing yourself down.

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How to fight and defeat Rockwell Prime in Ark: Survival Evolved

The boss fight will start once you activate the battle from the Terminal by Rockwell’s heart. The entrance to this cave is at 51.8, 26.0 in the Rockwell area of Genesis 2. From there, you’ll be teleported to a transit area, where you can make sure your Tribe or team is all ready to head inside. Then, follow HLN-A’s instructions, and the battle will start.

Phase one of the Rockwell Prime fight

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You’ll land up in a room filled with tentacles and Rockwell behind a shield. This means you’ll need to destroy the tentacles, much like the original Rockwell battle. There are small green tentacles and Super Tentacles, which are tougher. Use your tames to attack the Super Tentacles, which are the purple ones. Remember if you’re using the Yuty to constantly buff your team members. There is a list of objectives on your screen, but you will need to kill three Super Tentacles to expose the Nodes.

Phase two of the Rockwell Prime fight

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Once the Nodes are exposed, you’ll have a bit of dialogue come through from Rockwell and HLN-A after you try to shoot the Node with your own weapon. Then you’ll obtain an Exo Mek to use to fire on the Node. It’s important to note that every player in the Arena will have their own Exo Mek spawn. Fire on the Node, and you’ll have to restart the battle with tentacles. You need to destroy 4 Nodes in total, and Rockwell will also send Corrupted Survivors after you while you try to do that. Your Exo Mek will kick you out when it runs out of energy.

Phase three of the Rockwell Prime fight

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Once the Nodes are destroyed, you’ll have to face down Rockwell Prime himself. This is where your tames and your weapons need to work together. Whistle your tames onto him, make sure you watch for the acid attacks Rockwell will drop down. The tentacles will return, but keep focusing on Rockwell as much as possible. Rockwell will also launch a pink-hued AOE attack that will deal devastating damage to you and your tames if you get stuck in it, so play from a distance.

Phase four of the Rockwell Prime fight

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This will automatically drop your timer fight to two minutes remaining, regardless of how much time was on your main clock. After that, Rockwell will let out a scream, and HLN-A will start speaking and spawn more Exo Meks. If you have a Tribe with you, everyone has to get into their Exo Meks to fire on Rockwell, or the battle will fail no matter what. Once you’ve fired on Rockwell for a set period of time, the battle will end, and the final cutscene will play.