How to defeat the Boar in Praey for the Gods

Watch the tusks.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Boar is the third boss you’ll face in Praey for the Gods. To get to it, you need to follow the light in the sky to a large door that opens with a pressure plate on the ground. Once you’re through the door and into the cave, you need to use another pressure plate to lower a weight, glide onto it, grab it, and then wait until it rises once more so you can glide to the gate opposite before it closes. That puzzle is nothing compared to the boss fight, though. This guide explains how to beat the Boar so you can move on to the next boss.

Step 1: Draw it in with the pressure plates

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The first stage to this boss fight is using the pressure plates at the side of the arena. The boss won’t attack you until you stand on these plates to light up the symbols behind them. At that point, the boss will charge. Once it’s past the circle of light in the middle of the arena, run to one side to avoid being hit by it. The boss will shatter the wall and collapse. Use this time to climb onto it and ring a bell on the sigil on its chest. You’ll need to repeat this process a few times until the boss enters the second phase.

Step 2: Teasing for charges

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In this second phase, the boss will have steam rising from its head. It will charge around the arena knocking over most of the pillars. While you can climb the remaining pillars and try to glide onto the boss, there’s a more straightforward method. Wait in the light near one of the shattered pressure plates until the boss notices you. When it does, it will charge you. Run to the side to escape it and watch as it crashes and collapses once more. Now you can climb onto any furry part of it and start ringing bells on the sigils. You’ll need to clamber all around it to ring the bells on the sigils on its head and sides. Once you’ve done this four times, the boss will fall defeated.

After you see the Boar die, you’ll be transported back to the temple, where you’ll have an interesting encounter with the wolf there. You’ll then be shown where the next boss you need to fight is with a new light in the sky.