How to deploy the Parametric Transformer in Genshin Impact – Traveler’s Picture Book challenge

Transmutation is an art.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the challenges in Genshin Impact’s Traveler’s Picture Book web event is to deploy the Parametric Transformer. This is a device that was introduced to the game at the start of the year and is used to transform unwanted materials into higher-value materials.

While many players should already have the Parametric Transformer, this guide will cover how to get it for those who may not even have realized it existed.

How to get the Parametric Transformer

To get the Parametric Transformer, you will need to complete the Tianqiu Treasure Trail world quest. You can get this from Lan near the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue Harbor. Once the quest is complete, you will have the Parametric Transformer in your inventory in the Gadgets section. You can use either the video above or the linked quest to help you complete the quest.

How to use the Parametric Transformer

Go to the Gadgets section in your Inventory, equip the Parametric Transformer, and place it on the ground. You can do this anywhere. Now, interact with it to bring up a menu showing lots of items from Inventory. These can be items that drop from enemies, regional specialties, and even common items like Sunsettia, Berries, and the like.

Each item has a different quality level, and you need to place in items that will bring the overall Quality count to 150.

  • 1 Quality: Materials dropped from enemies below level 40, common fruits, resources, etc.
  • 2 Quality: Materials dropped from enemies level 40+
  • 4 Quality: Materials dropped from enemies level 60+

When the device is full, you need to hit it with elemental attacks from your characters until the progress bar hits 100%. You can use any Elemental Skill or Bursts to do this, so cycle through your party until it is complete.

When it is finished, the Parametric Transformer automatically returns to your inventory, and you will receive items like ascension materials, talent ascension materials, Hero’s Wit, Enhancement Ores, and more. It is a good idea to just add easy to find items to the Parametric Transformer, especially as the rewards are randomly generated.

When you are finished, just go into the Special Event menu and claim the “deploy the Parametric Transformer” challenge reward.