How to Disable V-Sync in Battlefield V and Get More FPS

Battlefield V is out now for Origin Premier subscribers, and soon it will be available the masses. In a fast-paced first-person shooter like Battlefield V, every frame matters and PC gamers, in particular, spend hundreds, if not thousands, of hard-earned dollars on fast gaming monitors and the latest in video card hardware to get the best experience possible. It doesn’t hurt that running a game at 144Hz, and over 100 FPS tends to make you more competitive either. So why then did DICE choose to enable V-Sync by default in Battlefield V and worse, make disabling it so confusing? We don’t have that answer, but we do have the little tidbit of information you need to disable V-Sync in Battlefield V.

How to Disable V-Sync in Battlefield V

How to Disable V-Sync in Battlefield V and Get More FPS
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Locating the Vertical Sync option in the Options, Video, and Advanced tab is not challenging. But by default, the option to turn it off will be greyed out, leaving many gamers wondering why they are stuck at 60 FPS and how to unlock the Vertical Sync setting.

Fortunately, there’s no need to edit config files or perform any sort of hacks. The not well-explained reason that the Vertical Sync setting is disabled is that your Graphics Quality is most likely set to an Automatic setting.

How to Disable V-Sync in Battlefield V and Get More FPS
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To unlock the option to disable V-Sync, merely change your Graphics Quality to a custom setting, or Low, Medium, High, or Ultra. A smart way to do this is to take note of what the settings are underneath the automatic option and then replicate those settings after choosing a Custom Graphics Quality setting.

Once you’ve done that, you can now change the Vertical Sync setting to the Off position and get all the frames out of Battlefield V that your PC can muster. The Framerate Limiter option is now also useful, and we recommend setting it to whatever matches your monitor’s refresh rate.

How to Disable V-Sync in Battlefield V and Get More FPS
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Now enjoy the extra frames per second you’ve earned, and lay waste to the battlefield, soldier!