How to do a Dracula Method in Riders Republic

Pulling off a Dracula Method is simple and easy to remember.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are four different equipment categories in Riders Republic, but only two of them let you perform tricks: bikes and snow. Despite the input methods for tricks being the same, the types of tricks available wildly differ between the two. Snow equipment includes skis and snowboards, and each has a different set of stylish tricks. One of the coolest-looking snowboard tricks is the Dracula Method, which has your rider grabbing both sides of the front of their snowboard at once while bending their knees.

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Pulling off a Dracula Method is extremely simple and easy to remember. Keep in mind that this trick can only be performed on an off-tracks snowboard; if you have a set of skis as your off-tracks snow equipment, your trick set will be entirely different. To do a Dracula Method, hold down both trigger buttons and push the analogue stick to the left.

The Dracula Method is a great trick to use when you’re trying to rack up some extra points as it doesn’t require a lot of — in fact, the trick doesn’t even require a ramp. You can do a Dracula Method without a while racing downhill so long as you have enough speed. It’s perfect for the score-focused trick events.