How to do a whip in Riders Republic

Whip it good.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Riders Republic isn’t just about racing; it’s also about pulling off some sweet tricks that are worthy of the game’s photo mode. While tricks like frontflips and backflips can be done regardless of which bike or snow equipment you have, some tricks are exclusive to certain types of sports equipment. One example of this is the whip trick. Whips make your rider carve through the air and twist their bike sideways. They’re quick tricks that offer some style despite their simplicity.

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To do a whip in Riders Republic, you have to be on a freeride bike, which you can only access once you’ve unlocked the Bike Tricks career. To whip right, press the right trigger button and hold down on the analogue stick. To whip left, press the left trigger button and hold down on the analogue stick.

It’s important to remember how much airtime you’ll need to pull off a whip successfully. You don’t exactly need to catapult yourself off a cliff in order to do the trick, but unless you’re skilled with quick and accurate landings, you’ll need to make sure that you have a decent amount of air to give yourself enough time to perform and land a whip. After all, the longer you hold a trick, the more points you’ll score. Save whips for use on bigger ramps or jumps that offer more distance rather than smaller ones.